Why Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Maintaining your vehicle is important. One of the easiest, and most inexpensive, ways to do that is to have an oil change. This relatively low-cost substance plays a vital role in your engine’s well-being. By taking the time to have your car serviced, you will end up saving more money in the end.

What It Means to Your Car

To understand how an oil change can save you money, you must first understand what this lubricant does for your car. In the modern engine, it serves three main purposes. It works to draw heat away from the combustion chamber and prevent carbon buildup inside the engine. In addition, the substance works to help keep all the components operating smoothly. When it gets old and dirty, the lubricant does not protect the engine as well and can actually make it work harder and run less efficiently.

What Type Should You Use

Now that you understand why an oil change is important, you have the daunting task of determining what type to use. Documentation that accompanied your vehicle will state what viscosity you should use, for example 10W-30. If you do not have the owner’s manual, this information should be located on the reservoir cap or an information slip located under the hood.

While you must use the appropriate viscosity for your car, there is the question of conventional vs synthetic. While conventional substances are created from petroleum, synthetics are created from chemicals. You may

Auto Painting Tips – Auto Paint Protection and Care

I remember when I first bought my new car, I was astonished at the look of a new paint job and I knew that from then on I would keep the paint looking great. Well, 3 years later I am looking at a car that has massive overspray and dirt all over. For a car enthusiast, it is at the utmost importance to keep your paint maintained and protected. Here are a few tips on how you can protect and maintain your vehicles paint job:

The Obvious: Wash Your Vehicle!

The most obvious tip in this article is going to be washing your vehicle. I know that it probably shouldn’t be mentioned but even I get lazy every now and then and fail to get out there and wash my car. I would refrain from using car washes as they can accidentally scratch your vehicles paint. Most of the time, you will need to wash your car before doing anything else to it such as waxing or using compound and/or clay.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe:

If you can keep your vehicle in the garage when you are at home, by all means drive her in there! You can save your paint job from random debris and overspray that the neighbors didn’t tell you about. I have had this happen a few times. Also, try to keep your vehicle out of the sun as much as possible. After all, you wouldn’t deliberately sit in the

Some Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying And Importing Cars

When you want to buy a new car, you will definitely be advised to go to the nearest dealer so that you can look at the different models, scrutinize the details and even test-drive one. But what if you can’t find the particular model you are looking or want to purchase in the local car dealerships? Your best option, of course, is to have the vehicle you want to be imported from overseas.

Unfortunately, having the car you want to be imported may require a little more work from your part than simply buying one from a local dealer. However, there are some simple things that you can and should not do to make sure that you get a good quality car and that this vehicle reaches you in good condition and in a timely manner. Below are some of these important do’s and don’ts of importing a car:


Do your research regarding the import requirements in your country. Read up on and make sure you understand the import requirements imposed by the government on vehicle importation. Find out if you will be allowed to have the vehicle you want to buy shipped to your country. In addition, you also have to know the conditions required by regulatory bodies and imposed on vehicles from other countries.

Do make room for unforeseen costs when coming up with the budget for the whole buying and import process.

5 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Second-Hand Car

Buying a second-hand car can be really tricky and risky; the key is to be prepared and ready. Second-hand cars are more of a practical choice especially now with the economic crisis. Be smart and be careful, there are a lot of fake dealers out there. Try to keep in mind that a second-hand car will never be as good as a brand new one. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the best deal. After all second-hand cars are vintage pieces that people undermine.

Listed below are the 5 things you need to know before buying a second-hand car. You have an option to follow them. But is you do, put them into heart and the may actually save you a buck or two.

1. Window shop.

Look around for the best deal, usually private owners have reasonable prices. But if you buy a car from a dealership, you are guaranteed to have a warranty and special bonuses. You have to decide which is more important, quality or the price? So take your time and look for other alternatives before choosing the car you want to buy.

2. Check the car.

You have to be knowledgeable of the car you want to buy. Be mindful of every detail, like the original interiors, the wheel, the details on the exterior of the car and most importantly what’s under the hood. You have to consider, if all of the car parts are still

Important Milestones on a Vehicle Service Schedule

If you own a car, then you know how important it is to keep it maintained. By taking your vehicle in regularly, you will be able to extend the life of your automobile despite the mileage. Including regular oil changes, your vehicle service schedule should consist of the following key times.

3,700 Miles

Even though you haven’t had your car long, it is important for you to start maintaining the engine. You should have the oil and filter changed. In addition, this vehicle service will include lubrication of the body and chassis. The technician will inspect all the cables and fluid levels to ensure everything is in working order. Despite the low mileage, a good technician will also check and make sure the battery is in good condition.

7,500 Miles

At 7,500 miles, you’ll once again be ready for an oil change. As with the previous maintenance, your car will undergo lubrication and a thorough check to ensure everything is working in top condition. Fluid levels are topped off during this inspection. In addition, most centers will check and rotate tires, check all the bolts for tightness, and ensure that there are no leaks around the calipers. The brakes undergo a visual inspection for wear.

45,000 Miles

By 45,000 miles, you will have had routine oil changes and probably had to replace an air filter or two, depending on the air quality of the

Understanding What Axle Repair Is and How It Affects Your Car

The axle shaft on your vehicle is a narrow pole connecting the wheel to the transmission gears. It is the part of the vehicle that allows the wheels to rotate and move. Without this piece, your car isn’t going to go anywhere. Axle repair covers any of the four parts on any of the shafts on your vehicle.

The axle is comprised of four parts: shaft, CV joints, grease, and the boots, which contain the grease. One of the most common failures is going to be the boot. If this part is torn, then grease will leak out. If that occurs, then the joints won’t be lubricated, and dirt can get in. If it goes uncorrected, the entire part will eventually wear and total replacement is required.

Problem Indicators

An indicator that the boot has become an issue, and axle repair is required, is a loud clicking noise when you slow down or turn corners. That clicking noise is caused by the CV joint not getting the lubrication that it needs. If you leave it unattended, eventually you will hear a loud bang and your car will stop moving.

Another way you can tell that the parts are starting to fail is the presence of grease. Yes, grease is a necessary part of your wheel system. However, that grease is supposed to be contained within the boot. New systems have the boot and joint all contained and sealed. You will never have to refill

Performance Engine Building

Performance engine building is not a task to be taken lightly. Not only does it involve utilizing advanced mechanical skills, but optimizing the performance of an ATV or motorcycle also involves making a substantial financial investment. Therefore, before delving into high-performance engine build, it is important to keep two key factors in mind.

Factor #1: Understanding the Purpose

The first step in performance engine building involves determining the purpose of the build. If your goal is to build the fastest machine possible for the local track, your plan will be different from someone who simply wants to add a bit of extra horsepower for weekend riding. To determine the purpose of your engine build, you need to consider the type of riding that you do, whether or not you plan to use your bike or ATV for racing and what you expect to get from your engine build. You also need to consider where you would like the RPM range to be when you ride your bike. Finally, you need to analyze your budget to determine how much you can invest in your high-performance engine build.

Factor #2: Determining How to Reach Your Goal

The steps you take toward building your engine will be dependent upon your purpose. Some common methods for adding horsepower and torque include:

• Compression: Increased compression increases horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range. Since compression increases pressure and heat, it should only be raised until just

Guide to Purchasing Parts for a Vintage Motorcycle

Vintage motorcycles are being collected by the millions of enthusiasts from around the world. They might only ride them for leisure, and love to take care of their precious collections. These motorcycle enthusiasts get a great sense of satisfaction, when they are able to restore the old antique bikes to good working condition.

You will also come across some interesting people who find pleasure in building the whole motorcycle from the scratch. The only problem with the vintage bikes is that the parts can be tough to come by, mostly because the companies will have stopped their manufacturing.

Online Shopping: The Best Way to Purchase Vintage Motorcycle Parts

As you may know, some motorcycle enthusiasts spend long hours looking for the parts for their vintage motor bikes. They hunt tirelessly around the antique stores in their neighborhood and at online stores, until they find what they want for their motorcycles.

Online shopping has opened doors for people, who are willing to sell and buy the vintage motorcycle parts. However, it is important that you check the authenticity of the websites, their privacy policy and terms and conditions, before making a purchase.

By shopping online, you can now sit in the comfort of your own home or office, and browse different kinds of antique models and motorcycle parts available. No more of visiting garage sale, boot sale, estate sale and motorcycle repair shops on weekends. However, when you are purchasing antique motor bike parts

What Are the Advantages of Using Wanli Tyres?

There are so many brands of tyres out there and each one has its share of benefits. One brand of tyre that is often overlooked is Wanli Tyres. They are widely available and have a number of advantages for whichever type of vehicle you drive.

There are four categories of Wanli Tyres available namely Passenger, High Performance, 4WD and Light Truck. Each of these has specific advantages for each category.

The Wanli Passenger Tyres are suitable for cars such as sedans and hatchbacks. It has an outstanding tread design for A/S UHP and it is designed with a noise minimising tread block pattern. It has wide, circumferential grooves that channel the water away while driving in rainy or wet conditions. The double ‘V’ grooves provide for super traction and a good grip on the road to prevent skidding.

The Wanli High Perfomance Tyres are suitable for racing vehicles, high performance cars and sports cars. These tyres are designed to be slip resistant with a unidirectional pattern that enables high speed, prompt water evacuation and ensures safety in the event of skidding. They are durable and stable. They are also designed to minimise noise while driving and are able to endure high speeds of up to 300 kilometres an hour. They have a unique biological modelling pattern which is streamlined and stylish.

The Wanli 4WD Tyres are suitable for SUV’s and crossover vehicles. These tyres have a tread design that is suitable for all terrains.

Four Starting Points For A Creative Custom Car Paint Job

Getting a custom car paint job is a true way to express yourself and bring your unique personality to your ride. However, it should be noted that some of the more exciting designs out there originated from some timeless staples that have been around for decades. So which of these go-to ideas are the best for your ride? Here are four of the most common themes used by professional artists.


Not unlike tattoos, animals are an old standby in the world of custom car paint jobs. Since there are literally thousands of species to choose from, it is easy to be original; however, there are some favorites. Many men imagine their powerful cars to be as strong as an elephant or rhino, or as swift as a cheetah or leopard, and decorate their vehicles accordingly. Others liken their automobiles to mythical creatures, like fire-breathing dragons or a phoenix rising from the ashes. Since flames make a great design in their own right, dragons are an especially interesting choice to work with.


Pinstripes have been a standard for generations, and since each design is unique to the artist, your custom car paint is guaranteed to be unlike anyone else’s. Many pinstripe designs can be intricate and beautiful works of art. They are usually created using grooved templates or taped stencils, but if your detailer is especially gifted, they may draw the pinstripes freehand. The dual color variation stands out the most, with one